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Understanding Jesus in the Early Modern Period and Beyond. Across Text and Other Media

Who was Jesus? How did he live? The exceptional human life of Jesus fascinated people through all times, cultures and with diverse religious backgrounds. This issue offers a composite view of varied, and often contrasting, practices of historiographical writing, which belong to different religious, anti-religious and neutral traditions that span across the centuries
Ed. by Paola von Wyss-Giacosa and Cristiana Facchini

Cover of JRFM, Issue 4,2/2018 “Who, Being Loved, Is Poor?” Material and Media Dimensions of Weddings

“Who, Being Loved, Is Poor?” Material and Media Dimensions of Weddings

What is marriage all about? How is it nowadays connected to religious traditions? And earlier? Which media were and are used to celebrate this specific ritual? This issue will search for answers and generate amazing insights.
Ed. by Anna-Katharina Höpflinger and Marie-Therese Mäder

JRFM 04/01

Trauma, Memory and Religion

How can we screen trauma? This question might lead the perception of documentary films about atrocities in the 20th and 21st centuries. What appears on the screen challenges the audience with a moral question: what would you do?
Ed. by Freek L. Bakker and Lucien van Liere